PWP and Tesla Open Largest EV Charging Plaza in the Nation

marengo charging

Pictured here: The rooftop of the Marengo Parking Garage during installation of PWP fast-chargers.

Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) has partnered with Tesla, Inc. to install 44 EV fast-chargers at the Marengo Paseo Colorado Parking Garage located at 155 E. Green Street. The Marengo Charging Plaza will feature 24 Tesla superchargers and 20 universal fast chargers from PWP. These fast chargers are capable of adding about 90 miles of driving range every 30 minutes. With Tesla chargers currently in operation and PWP chargers available by the end of the year, this project is the largest public EV fast-charging plaza in the nation.

With assistance from generous PWP rebates, more than 100 EV charger stations have been installed at almost a dozen properties throughout the city for use by building tenants, customers, employees, staff, students and business fleet vehicles.

By providing EV charging stations throughout the city, PWP hopes to encourage the Pasadena community to give up their gas-guzzling vehicles for electric. Already, there are more than double the EV chargers available in Pasadena to electric drivers than there were last year.

Part of PWP’s commitment to reducing emissions is through the Power Up Pasadena program, which offers incentives to residents and businesses interested in electric vehicles. Pasadena EV rebates are some of the largest in the state. Learn more at